Signs You Are Falling Out Of Love With Your Partner

You have been married for a while and you begin to notice that you are no longer pleased with your spouse. Nothing they do interests you any longer, in fact, you get irritated with their actions.
These are signs that you are falling out of love with your spouse.

Here are common signs that you are falling out of love with your husband or wife:

  1. The most common sign is irritation. You begin to feel irritated with your spouse’s actions. You feel they are a burden and you find yourself not wanting to do things for them.
  2. You don’t want to spend time with them.
  3. As a wife, you begin to compare your husband with other husbands e.g. your sister’s husband, your friend’s husband, or even your pastor.
  4. You avoid physical touch and sex with him or her.
  5. You become passive about things that concern them. Things you would normally do for
    them from your heart, you find that you are no more interested in doing for them.
  6. Regular fights, arguments, and banter cease. You are not having them because you’re cohabiting with your spouse. You’re no longer lovers but housemates.
two lovers not talking to themselves

All these are like signs and symptoms which require a diagnosis. It is like when we are sick and we go to see the doctor and he makes a diagnosis after telling him our symptoms. There is usually a root cause of the problem. Those common tell-tale signs are symptoms of a bigger issue. Facing only the symptoms would be like trying to cure a problem from the surface.

The cause is a spiritual attack coming at you and at your marriage. For this reason, you cannot let your guard down and allow your feelings to take over.

The first step that I recommend in solving this issue is vulnerability. Vulnerability is first with you and the holy spirit. Be vulnerable with the holy spirit.

Sit with your feelings, ask yourself what exactly is going on, and put a finger on the source. Look for the exact thing that is causing you irritation.

Let the holy spirit remind you of how you got to where you are in your marriage. I know it is not easy, especially since we may have children and we are busy trying to achieve a lot. But sometimes, we need to take a journey back to where we started. We need to ask ourselves what exactly it was that we saw at the beginning that brought us together. We have to go back to move forward.

Reconnect with what you saw at the beginning of your union and then it is time to speak.

Speak with your partner about your dissatisfaction or irritation with him or her. Let him or her know why you are avoiding his or her touch and avoiding sex. If you can, seek counsel. Visit my website to learn more about my marital counselling sessions. It is important to know when you have a problem that you cannot solve. Seek solutions with professionals or counsellors and most importantly pray. The enemy is waging war when you begin to feel like you are falling out of love with your partner.