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Heartbreak Recovery Program

The HBRP gave me a sense of community. I really was not alone as I thought. I was not the only one who made foolish choices in relationships. I was not the only one that lived in the realm of feelings alone in previous relationships.

Consequently, I would have loved more physical contacts and meetings but I feel the online meetings helped us bridge the gap of transportation constraints in Nigeria. Nonetheless, I was really happy to meet up with Jackie and Ranti (a HBRP classmate). We saw Isoken the movie and had a lovely chat. It was awesome.

Finally, HBRP is a must for all those that are in need of straightforward, honest, fun Christian counselling/mentoring.

God bless you Aunty Jackie and future HBRP graduates.


My class for the HBRP began on the 7th of June 2017 (my ex’s birthday coincidentally). I knew it was a God-sent programme for for me to deal with lingering issues with regards to my relationship with myself and others. Although, submitting the assignments punctually seemed difficult but I thank God for Jackie who was patient to wait for all the latecomers such as myself to turn in our assignments.

Also, as each day progressed I moved into new aspects of my life and I tried to submit my work as promptly as possible. This programme helped me to elaborate specifically on the questions being addressed. Despite my storytelling tendencies, I was able to uncover my past relationships. Furthermore, the confessions helped me see my identity in God. At times I drift , but I was assured that God understood my peculiarities and He is able to reach out to me as only He can.

The HBRP was a big eye opener for me. It was very enlightening. The feedback I got from the tasks really did it for me.

Even when my ex called me in the cause of the program (he never called since we broke up), I felt peace. The confessions and decision to forgive him and even let go of money owed me just took me to a better place. He called again after that for a small cash bail out but I have truly learned this time around. And I now I know the friend zoning thing well and I’m applying it to my advantage.

Overall I’m glad I didn’t miss this session for anything. The vision board too. Though I have done it only in my mind now I know for sure who and what I want. I still have lot’s to learn but I’m happy. Glad I met Jackie too, she’s simply amazing.


I feel FREE! I like the package, a beautiful mix of coaching + spiritual. I am very grateful for it because I don’t think I would have opened up to someone else. It has been a restoration and reminders.

This Heartbreak Recovery Programme does what it says. I underestimated the programme initially and thought it would just be prayers. I was shocked, I saw my mistakes and myself as the days went by and I answered your questions.

I saw my future! I am happy! I feel lighter, a weight has been lifted. I am even getting bolder to share my story.

-Tumininu E

Best Year Yet Singles Webinar

I will stop day dreaming and start living!

My greatest lesson was realising that I had been idolizing marriage and serving God religiously. This webinar was really enlightening as it gave me clarity in a lot of areas. I will start living intentionally and stop day dreaming.

-Oneyor Baginwa

I will seek God more and delight in God.

The BYY webinar was impactful, I never knew words like this existed in a different way. My greatest lesson was that singleness is not the reason for loneliness. I need to be pro-active and not pre-active against temptations.

-Olaotan Suzanne

I will be contented with my single season and not idolise marriage

The BYY webinar is worth more than rubies. The Alarm was a major lesson for me. Another highlight was the 10 doses of wisdom… I got so much wisdom and insight from there. Lastly, the “delight:desire” rule was so profound.

-Toyosi Olukanni

I will be still in the presence of God to hear the promptings he’s putting in my heart.

The BYY webinar has everything needed to have a great year and live in fullness. My greatest lesson was the Idolatry of Independence.

-Modesola Ojumu

Grace Junkie Book

Grace Junkie is a message of hope. It’s beyond literature to read for pleasure, I felt it the power of God flow through each page piercing the soul and spirit with the reality of the awesomeness of God’s grace and mercy

Reading it took me through a roller coaster of emotions from pain to sadness to tears but in the end relief and joy. It’s not just a guide to those who want to marry, it is a message of grace to everyone who is feeling hopeless in their failures and needs restoration.

God asked Jackie to show us a picture of what heaven would be like, how our lives would be played like a movie for all to see. I bet it would difficult for so many to have all see the failures and the secret sins they are not proud of on display. God says it can turn the story for His purpose in Grace Junkie

God’s provision for a life of victory through the power of His Word; written and spoken is part of the core message of the book and teaching on knowing how to hear from God is profound and helpful.

The opportunity to assess your life as you read and take a definite decision for a change makes it transformational and fulfills God’s purpose of salvation.

God bless you Jacqueline for releasing yourself to be used of God to save lives but much more God bless Tolulope Oludimu for cooperating with God to birth Grace Junkie.

-Adeyinka Are

GRACE JUNKIE is not an ordinary book, it is a book that makes you reflect on your actions, set you free from guilt that the enemy must have feeding you and see and know that before you were formed/conceived you were in God’s planned agenda. Personally, this book opened my eyes again to see that “my name carries power” and I will be doing myself a disservice if I do not activate and key into the efficacy my name carries.

This book made me realize again that whatever I may be going through is not new to God, He is aware and that what I am going through is part of the process of becoming Who God has called me to be on this earth. I AM HIS MASTERPIECE.

Chidinma Okereke

Gosh, this book truly shook me!

I’ve known Jay for years but never knew this part of her life. The day she told me briefly about the book over a Zoom call, I was jaw dropped. When I finally, received a copy from my friend Lola, I thought I would read in one sitting, but NO, there are books I read in one sitting, not this book. This one demanded my patience. It required me to slow down. I found myself crying, smiling, and taking notes. I could feel The LORD’S Anointing all over it.

I love that Jacqueline shared from her own experiences so vulnerably to reach out to the broken among us. This is a very sensitively written book. It will help you understand the love and grace of the Father in a way and at a depth that you probably never understood it before. It’s fantastic.

I believe that regardless of where you are in your walk with Jesus, this book will add to your edification and relationship with Jesus especially for the unmarried. “You don’t have to date A, B, and C to know that D is the one”. Thank you Jay for that powerful reminder. I wished someone shared this book with me in my season of singleness. I highly recommend Grace Junkie to anyone who is struggling with pain and discouragement from their past. This book will change your life!

-Raquel Daniel

Marriage on Purpose Book

Several books on marriage and relationships have been written and they have all represented various angles and perspectives… But none has dealt with it the way this material has.

What really stands out for me is the portion of the book that outlays the fact that every marriage is telling a story. Wow. I have never seen it from that angle before now. Thank you Jackie for giving this generation what it needs and for not allowing those voices stop you. Thank you for not waiting to be perfect but truthful. You were simple and sincere enough.

-Pastor Ezekiel Atang

I believe the author has a detailed Now word for my generation and those to come. Because until we align with the Central Purpose of Heaven on the matter of marriage there would be pain without purpose, passion without profit and unions without unity!

We’ve done it for so long our own way, through handed-down human philosophies, cultural conditioning, the influence of media and religious perspectives- but hardly often making God proud because many have walked the path without understanding, without the Holy Spirit and without covenant-mindedness. But no more! Now, the Lord says, it is time for the pursuit of holiness before happiness.

-Debola Deji-Kurunmi

This book is a functional tool for anyone who wants to enter a dimension of God in their marriage. The stories are so relatable. If you’re single, this book is such a great invitation to prepare for the gift called marriage. An opportunity to peep into God’s heart concerning your marriage. For the married, this book is an opportunity to review and rebuild.

I encourage you to read it to the end. God bless you dear Jackie. This book will be overflowing with testimonies from generation to generation. Amen

-Vera Alex

Premarriage Programme

It’s eye opening and worth more than the money we paid It’s different from church counselling which is general but this is tailored to us. The verses you gave us are very useful and practical I’ve got to know myself better and realise the baggages I’m carrying from childhood and my parent’s marriage We are more deliberate and intentional We are more accountable. I’ve realised it’s ok to be vulnerable I am able to understand the intention behind the actions. You are doing a great job. It’s a programme that every couple that want a marriage on purpose should go through. The test has opened our eyes to where we need work and what we are doing well and what we need to improve on. We love how accessible you are. Thank you.

– Lanre & Elizabeth


Jackie made sure we understood a topic before moving to the next, using her marriage as practical example. Her counselling was worth it as we needed someone else other than our pastors and what I received was definitely more that what I paid for. When you come to Jackie’s session be ready to be Open. – Deborah

From Jackie’s session I learnt that marriage is not all about me but God. Jackie made sure that i and my partner understood each session and were on the same page. Jackie keeps doing what she know how to do best and it was a great session. – Marcus

  • Deborah & Marcus

Our sessions with Jackie couldn’t have been traded for anything else. I got enlightened on how to settle conflict, how to handle money, forgiveness, sex and love language. I would encourage any engaged couple to take the session because it’s an eye opener and you can’t afford to do marriage the way people have been doing it, you must do it intentionally and differently

  • – Yetunde

I got enlightened on how to settle conflict, how to handle money, forgiveness, sex and love language. I would encourage any engaged couple to take the session because it’s an eye opener and you can’t afford to do marriage the way people have been doing it, you must do it intentionally and differently Yetunde

The sessions were truly worth every penny I must say. It was a refreshing session and a time to unlearn so many things concerning marriage. I am very glad my partner made us have this session with you because I was able to know myself and my spouse more.


I think I paid far less than what I got, my expectations were exceeded. I was expecting a normal pre-marriage counselling, but she came up in a systemic way exposing all my weakness, fault, strength and areas where I need to improve on. A session with Jackie will give you a different perspective about marriage, no amount is too much to get more enlightened in the area of marriage, forever is too long a time to be unhappy.


The number 1 is the God factor really. I think for me that was one thing that made it real and made it really impactful. I just want to say thank you. Infact it is the best 150k that I’m sure my fiance would say he has spent. It’s much more than that, I would say it’s you giving yourself to the word and to the prayer. We definitely can see it in all of the sessions. It was just a time to open up. We are coming to know ourselves in the light of God’s word and then if we decide, be the best that God wants us to be. Yeah, and for everyone that cares to know, I have also said that it is very important and it is quite helpful.


God’s Prepared Singles Mentoring Hub

GPS has been a training ground. It has helped me focus more on preparing myself to be the right person while I wait for the will of God concerning my marriage and helped me build a relationship with God. They should join so that they can have an understanding of how God wants our marriage to be and so they can have a marriage on purpose.


GPS hub!!! A place for every godly single who wants a fulfilled marriage life. GPS has taught me that in all that I do I must seek God first, obey and do his will. God’s plan for me is beyond what I can get as much as I seek him always I should never settle for for the less. God speaks to everyone if only you’re inclined to hearing him…GPS has really sharpened my perspective about marriage and life generally.


GPS curriculum helps me to keep going back to God in prayer because marriage is His idea and He knows best. If your desire is for a purposeful home according to God’s standard, and it means a lot to you, this is one of the resources I recommend. I love how GPS is structured because it guides you to major in the major and when choosing a life partner comes, you understand it’s still a conversation and asking your friend the Holy Spirit about what to do like with many other decisions you’d make.


GPS has made me intentional with my walk with God by Holy Spirit. You should join because it helps you build your relationship with God intimately and the people around you too before you meet your spouse He has ordained for you.