How to Build Friendship in Your Marriage

The way you need bricks to build a house is the way you need friendship to build a strong and happy marriage. Below, I will share 8 practicable ways to build friendship in your marriage.

  1.  Be everything you are to your friends, to your spouse also: Just like you don’t hold back from your friends when talking to them, don’t hold back from your spouse when talking to them. Friends are great partners, and your spouse is a greater partner. Be honest with your spouse. Spend time with them. Talk to them about everything you want to do. Do all you can with your friends when you hang out with your spouse. 
  1. Don’t have a bad fight: Don’t have the kind of fight that makes you resent each other, or the kind of fight that won’t make you want to come back home, or the kind of fight that makes you feel like you shouldn’t have married them. It is fine to disagree, let the fight go as soon as possible, and forget about it. Never attack your spouse.
  1. Spend time enjoying each other: Life is busy on its own, but in the midst of all this, spend time with each other. Spend time with your wife when she is cooking. Spend time with your husband when he is doing laundry. Spend time with him when he is watching football; you must prioritize spending time with each other. Even in the car while driving, get engaged with each other.

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  1. Develop love and intimacy ritual: Build a habit for intimacy. What are the things you can do together to keep the sparks going? Is it movie night? Spa dates? Weekend getaways? Have a ritual—something you do to keep both of you connected and don’t treat it with levity. 
  1. Schedule in Romance: Be intentional about creating romantic moments. There are a couple of romantic things you can get engaged in without breaking the bank. For example, sending love letters, sending unexpected love emails, buying gifts, sending flowers, chocolates, etc
  1. Give Pleasure to Your Spouse: People will always want to be around people who give them pleasure and not pain, not people who make them feel less of who they are. So be the spouse that your partner will always want to be around. Be that spouse who boosts the atmosphere.
  1. Forgive before they offend: Even before they offend you, forgive them. So that when they offend you, forgiving them will be easier to do.
  1. Remain a team for life: You and your spouse must understand that you are on the same team. It should be both of you against the world, not against each other. So whatever issue is going on, tackle them as a team and not as opponents. 

I hope this helps you a lot. Tell me the ones you will start doing in the comment section. I can’t wait to hear your testimonies.

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