How does a Marriage Fall Apart?


You know the popular saying “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. The same applies to marriage.  Little drops of anger, pride, pain, disrespect, cheating, physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, domestic violence, resentment, and selfishness being dropped every day become a mighty ocean for all the times you don’t wipe them off as soon as they fall. And when that happens, that’s when the marriage breaks up and it becomes irreparable.

What little drops of water should you not allow to accumulate in your marriage?  Ask yourself today. Is it selfishness, disregard or intolerance? It’s a very long list.

You’re thinking about something your husband did a few days ago or last year and you’re still bringing it up. You have not wiped it away and it’s going to accumulate. Something else is going to happen tomorrow and you’re going to add that on top of it.

What did your wife do last year? What did she do last week? What did she do when she had a lot of money, didn’t share it with you, and maybe you lost your job?

I know it is painful, I’ve had experiences as well! But what we do with such little drops of water is that we wipe them off immediately so that they don’t become a mighty ocean where you get to the point where one person moves away and says that’s the end, I’m not being a part of this marriage anymore. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Today, decide that you want to wipe away every negative little drop of water that you have been accumulating in your marriage. “He cheated on you” “she cheated on you” etc.

drop of water makes a mighty ocean

Decide today that you want to wipe off every little drop of water that is not going to make your marriage last and now begin to fill your marriage with those little drops of water that will make your marriage thrive, that will make your marriage last long, that will make your marriage beautiful, rewarding and fulfilling, that will make your marriage honor God so that people will look at you and say wow!  there must be God in that marriage, God must be strong for them in that marriage. They must be children of God. Don’t let your marriage be something they look at and say oh no! God forbid!

We are meant to be light and epistles, so from today, let your little drops of water be little drops of tolerance, forgiveness, peace, love, endurance, selflessness, sacrifice, giving, kisses, hugs and good sex, fidelity, and loyalty. Let your little drops of water be about sharing, sharing and sharing! Let it be about care and tenderness. Let it be about respect. Let it be about humility. Let it be about these things and so much more.

I was speaking to one of the clients I had to work with, and she was saying “It is hard but these days I don’t wait for him (her spouse) to apologize anymore, I apologize, just like you taught me and it has been working. We hardly have issues that are lingering on for a day or two because I have now taken on this attitude that you taught me and I’m teaching you today to let it go”.

That’s something that is so strong in my marriage, we fight, we have issues, and we disagree! But we snap out of it quickly and we wipe it off! That’s the beauty and sweetness in marriage because we are friends! Just imagine how you treat your friend, they offend you and you move on, you can’t keep storing those little drops of water that don’t make you happy, that become bitterness and expands to resentment. No! You can’t move out! Your marriage must not break! Please wipe off those little drops of water. Please start storing those little drops of water that would become a mighty ocean of a marriage that would never end until Jesus comes, a thriving, peaceful, loving, fulfilling, purposeful marriage. For more tips on how to prevent your marriage from falling apart, you can book a coaching session here.

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