I am a marriage equipper and breakthrough specialist for singles, engaged and married couples.

I help couples remain friends and lovers so they can partner to bring heaven on earth with their marriage!

Discover how to enjoy your season, take advantage of the blank sheet and write a beautiful story. These workbooks introduce you to the kind of marriage God wants you to have. Click the link below to dive in.

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In my journey as a counsellor and coach, I totally understand the need to speak with someone one on one. Whatever it is you are going through – a heartbreak, need clarity on marriage on purpose etc, you can book a session as easy as possible. 

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Learn how to wait as a single and enjoy the gift of waiting. You also get to learn how to be a better person for yourself and your future spouse. You will see real examples from the bible and enjoy a community of singles like you waiting to enjoy a happy ever after!
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