What you are is God gift to you

I grew up reading the words above daily as my parents had a wall decoration with the quote and I always recited it as my favourite quote. It is still my fav but with a better understanding.
Life indeed is God’s gift to us and much more is the person He created you to be. Like I tell myself, You are God’s gift to you. You are beautiful, you are unique and made in His image. You’ve got to remain that way. You cannot afford to be otherwise or do otherwise with yourself.
You are the best!
Are you the best?
Are you the best gift?
What are you doing with God’s gift to You?
I understand now that every moment of my life counts and everything I do is my way of saying “Thank You God”. In other words, what you eat, what you drink, remember He made you in His image.; What you say, what you do with your body, how you spend your time, talents and more is your gift to God for making you. All you presently are, is your gift to God.
The question is, are you a good or bad gift?
Are you maximizing the God’s Gift??
What are you doing with yourself???
Till I write next, think upon these things. xoxo
Jacqueline Oludimu
“Becoming the Best Gift Ever”

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