“You don’t know what it feels like to still be single…easy for you to say”

A thirty something year old lady accused me yesterday as we were catching up over cocktails. ” It was so much fun to be single when all your mates were single and getting married. But attending my friends’ baby naming ceremonies, dedications and even 5year old birthdays, Jackieeee, you don’t wanna know”

I allowed her express herself. One of the greatest skills I acquired from training to be a coach is LISTENING and LISTENING.

“Jackie leave story, it doesn’t feel good” she continued. We talked about other things and enjoyed our drink before I addressed the issue. It was not a coaching session so we just had a very good chat and I feel so great because she left me feeling a lot better and resolving to enjoy every bit of her single status.

I do know what it feels like to be single, trust me I do! I didn’t get married as early as I thought I would.
I even know what it feels like when your younger brother says, “when will you get married, so we can use your room?” Yeah I do but I learnt early enough that being single was only a status that isn’t constant. As long as you are willing to get married, you are whole and happy, not producing the wrong vibes (yeah I should talk about that very soon, watch out for my series) and you believe in the All-Knowing God, you will definitely get married. It just may not be when you had planned or when your mates were. Yes, because you are not your mate. You are You!

To each his own.

You can control how you feel. It’s your choice!

Everyone’s race is different, even twins who marry on same day at some point will begin to run in different directions.

Dear Single lady, embrace your single self! Love your single self!! Happiness is key in life and being married doesn’t guarantee happiness. That your friend is married or her son is 5years old doesn’t make her life better than yours. What’s the yardstick?

The truth is, if you cannot be happy now, then I cannot guarantee that you will be, even when you are married because there will always be that time when someone around you has what you don’t have and really want. Yes, a child, a house, a more convenient job as a mother, a more luxurious life…

People would be a lot better off if they would enjoy being single

God makes all things beautiful in His time and though, It may tarry it will surely come to pass. It is not so much of the doing but the fulfillment derived from the doing.

Wait till you meet “The One”.

So what do you do whilst waiting to find the woman for you or whilst waiting to be found by “The One” for you?
Stay Happy
Enjoy Life
Be Useful
Have Faith

Not sure how to do any of the above? Talk to Jackie.

Interested in a personal session, book one.

Till I hear from you, keep being the best you can be!



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