Thank you for stopping by here. The ‘Saying I Do Conference’, is an instructive teaching and prophetic meeting for couples and singles; a major tool with which the Happy Ever After Hub (a faith-based initiative) uses to reduce divorce rates, domestic violence, thus filling a vacuum, by preventing failed marriages rather than trying to revive them.
The conference as always is free to all registered attendees and at no cost. However, the conference still costs money to hold virtually, hybrid or onsite.
You can support us as we heed and continue God’s assignment to restore marriages to His original plan and as a tool for His kingdom. You can join us in our job to inform, enlighten and expose as many as we can reach with the truth that marriage is not a game or social status to be attained but a reality that entails real work and real love! How they approach and build it determines everything.

Your financial support to the vision is a seed into the assignment that is a fertile ground and helps ease execution.  

Join us as we

#BuildJoyfulHomes #Reducedomesticviolence #Reducedivorcerate #Moremarriagesonpurpose #Savefuturemarriages

Thank you and God bless you abundantly!


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Being at this conference has been Life-changing. It has opened me up to a new dimension of having heaven on earth kind of marriage, patterned after God. i am here with my wife and we will shine together.
Mr Francis Adekanmi
It was beyond my expectations I am challenged to do marriage right, this conference opened my eyes to see that it is possible to get a marriage on purpose. I am so excited My major takeaway is I need to do marriage with the Holy Spirit if I must get it right
Miss Baginwa Oneyo
Enlightening It was really enlightening. I enjoyed the personal stories of real live people which brought the messages home. I am challenged to do marriage right by the help of God and I will remove selfishness from my marriage
Mrs Bimbo E
This conference was Amazing and way above my expectation I am challenged to do marriage right by God because the summation of the speakers brought light on every area possible, to even show a marriage that works having passed through a big blow of why it shouldn't. My major takeaway is to sleep! focus on God till he awakes me to "this is it" from Him. Also, the stages of a woman - from helper, to wife to woman and learning to function with her per season. Lastly, getting keys that help my marriage survive through any season.
Mr Ladapo Segun
The Saying I Do conference was Awakening. I t was above my expectations and Very pratical I am challenged to do marriage right by the help of God because God wants a return on investment in my marriage. My major mindset shifts and takeaways from the conference 1. There's a purpose for your union in spite of the upheavals 2. I must have my own personal walk with a God 3. I must recognize myself as a helper and walk in that reality 4. Treasure the relationship with my husband above parents and siblings
Mrs Adunola Adebowale
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