Relationship Review Session with Jackie

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Relationship Review Session with Jackie



The ideal session for singles in a serious relationship who would assess their relationship, and ascertain if they should be taking their next steps together as an engaged or married couple.

With four assessments and a two-hour session with Coach Jackie, you will have a better view of your relationship, further insight into who you are and your partner as well as an understanding of what next steps you should or not take.

You will be pointed in the right direction for tools to help you build stronger if need be.

A valuable investment for dating couples who are considering marriage to make an informed decision about their future together and ensure they are on the same page. Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship, assess your marriage readiness and identify areas to work on improving and growing together.

If you are ready for a closer look at the patterns and dynamics in your current and what it means for your future, then my Relationship review Session is for you.


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