Married Friend,

When God created marriage, it was to create a ‘better than’ miracle for you. From the Saying I Do Conference this year, the Lord has led us to create this workbook which is packed to shift your marriage from striving to thriving. You can get your marriage on track and keep it on track with this workbook! It will definitely do wonders in your marriage. It is loaded and we have taken time to create it, inserting the video times, so you can easily find your answers, learn, review and implement.

The success of your marriage is the pride of many: your children, parents, friends and family, above all God. You know, what you got when you signed the dotted lines was a matriculation certificate. When you get to heaven, there is an applaud waiting for you if you do well with your marriage according to God’s purpose. Doing well involves you having the time of your life with your spouse.

Now is time to do better, be better and have better!