One Top Secret to Finding True Love

Being with someone who truly loves you for who you are is such a great heart desire of every one, every intentional being especially in the times we live in when ‘I Love you’ and ‘I do’ becomes ‘I hate you’ and ‘I’d rather live without you’ easily. So today I thought I’d share one of my top secret to finding your own true love and being with the one for you – This secret of mine was beautifully reiterated in a 2019 Nigerian Movie. Bling Lagosians. Yeah, I promised to still highlight another great relationship and marriage tip from that movie, didn’t I?

Sharon Ooja playing Tokunbo Hallway in Bling Lagosians

Well, here it is. I found a true explanation of this in Tokunbo Holloway – , a character played by the beautiful talented nollywood actress, Sharon Ooja in the movie, Bling Lagosians. That movie really had some learning points and again I commend the whole team behind it. The realest babe, audaciously unique and unapologetically herself, chasing after her passions and abilities, She was painted as a black sheep of the family. The one who went to Oxford University to study law but returned to be a nollywood scriptwriter but is a true picture of what every intentional single should be, she highlights a major secret to being with the one for you, the one who will love you completely and unconditionally. I celebrate every single who is like this. I do and whilst this is not your number one secret, It is the major one after the main one as shared in ‘Your number one secret to the one for you’ 
She was herself and she chased after her dreams. Whether male or female, being yourself, your true self is one of your biggest secrets to attracting what is yours to you or who is yours to you. Believe me when I say so, the moment you try to be who others think you should be, or try to be someone else in a bid to get married, you will end up with someone who loves who you are not and that my dear, is a snare of the devil. Don’t fall for it. Don’t, no matter what. 

Being your true self is one of your biggest secrets to attracting what and who is yours to you.

Jacqueline Oludimu

The truth is that being you will do a great job of screening prospects for you as far as marriage is concerned because sincerely if you truly live as the real you, you are unique and can’t be for everyone. The prospects you will have will be people who like the genuine you and so that already streamlines who comes to you on a surface level before we begin to take it further. Be unapologetically you! Don’t let them fall in love with a false you; you cheat them and even more, yourself. You cheat yourself from being you and blessing the world with who you are and letting another enjoy the uniqueness of you as a partner. This is the major reason I run the Knowing Me, Knowing You, a self discovery and mastery course for singles and engaged couples. It is such a big reveal for everyone who has taken the course because truly loving will start with a knowing. Whether it’s loving your self or another loving you. If you are asking yourself, how much of me do I know, who am I, why do I behave the way I behave, why do people say this about me always, what does my heart beat for? What are my top five qualities, what’s my love language amongst many other questions,  then sign up for knowing-me-knowing-you

You will answer all these questions and even more. 

Tokunbo was who she wanted to be from inside of her. She was not trying to be what she thought was more funky or cool, common or acceptable. She was not also being the daughter of a rich man in the country, she was herself. She was crazily creative, a story teller, assertive, bold, nice, beautiful heart etc and on her path, whilst on her path, chasing her dreams not her parents Solicitor’s dream for her, she met her Prince charming who you could tell loved her greatly, in fact fell in love with her despite her brash attitude at the reception and was so into her crazy creative real self. Whilst you must do away with character flaws and attitudinal problems that may stand in the way of a good partner for you, ensure to avoid pretence or be who you are not whilst on the way to be and have all that God’s destined for you. 

Try and find the answers to the questions I raised above and run with this top secret! You will be glad you did.

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  1. Daniel Ugot November 6, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    This is a very important point. BE YOURSELF. Everyone else is taken, so what’s the pretence about??
    The Truest you will attract the Truest partner.
    Awesome Ma

    1. Jackie November 20, 2020 at 6:03 pm

      Thanks Daniel. Indeed, no pretense. The world, your spouse needs you – the real you!


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