Not An Emotional Matter At all

This morning I read about a young lady who stabbed her husband to death yesterday and my heart skipped again and again.
Marriage is and will always be the biggest decision that anyone will ever make of course after salvation.
Who you marry, can either make or mar you.
With respect to the couple and what they had, I have no comments to make regarding their marriage as I do not know anything asides what the blogs have circulated today. However, my heart goes out to the singles I know and don’t know who earnestly crave for marriage. Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful thing and I can testify, so please by all means get married but this morning I’d like you to please take a deep breath:

Its beyond how he or she makes you feel; It’s beyond the money in his pocket or how beautiful she looks.
Marriage is beyond his job or her talent; it’s beyond their family or their parents.
Marriage is a not a decision you make out of loneliness
You can change from Nursing to Engineering, Law to Catering but you cannot change From Mr. Ade to Mr. Chuka just like that.
I teach Dating on Purpose, Dating God’s own way so guess what, you don’t have divorce as an option. Thus, you must get into it with your eyes wide open…..physical and more.
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I am interested in your marital bliss!!! That’s God’s plan for you. Don’t Settle for Less!
‘Be the Best You Can Be’

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