More About Jacqueline Oludimu..

One of the major life lesson she learnt and got convicted to teach every single she comes across whether at a conference or a one to one coaching, is that is that you do not have to date A, B , C, D before realising that H is the one. Dating around or having a history of many exes is never a thing of pride, she seeks to help you avoid that like she has helped many.

Having suffered a couple of heart breaks which by the way were divine, including a broken engagement months ahead of the wedding, Jackie believes that there are steps to a purposeful marriage that many do not take hence the painful heartbreaks, disappointments and delays that can be avoided. She knows those steps and she can teach you. Are you ready to give it what it takes? Click here

Jacqueline was blessed by God after multiple heartbreaks with a job that was to be the place of meeting the one for her. This time God had taken her through some pruning and clarity sessions that helped her discern. She is forever grateful to God for her marital choice and will not stop telling anyone that God is in the business of match making and no one does it better than Him.

With the joy of marriage and raising godly children, Jacqueline does not hold back in telling anyone who cares to listen that marriage is an assignment and what we do when we sign those dotted lines on the wedding day is sign up to an institution. She says that her marriage would have fallen apart as soon as it got started because she was not equipped for that next stage as much as she should have been even though she had the compulsory premarriage sessions in church and has always been a woman of faith.

She understands those years, the naivety and more and helps couples overcome them; even more is to help couples move beyond just being married to being friends and partners for life. She says if she scaled through and embraced wisdom before it was too late, you too can.

Jacqueline loves to read, strategize and wears a creative hat always. She also runs a corporate gift & hamper company asides being a marketing professional and an Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

She is quite driven, very purposeful, fun loving and result-oriented. Passionate will be the most common word that describe her.

She loves mangoes, chocolate spread toast and nice creams.