My Dear Single,

You are in such a beautiful season of your life. You have every opportunity to live right and get it right in marriage. It is like a blank sheet and I am interested in you. I am interested in your beautiful story on that blank sheet. No sad stories for you. There is a way to marry and a type of marriage that God wants you to have. It is not the average kind of marriage we see here and there, where couples are living like singles or just being there. The path to the marriage God wants for you is narrow and requires an intentional way of life. From the Saying I Do Conference this year, the Lord has led us to create this workbook to help you get on that narrow but sure path. Dive in with your friends or partners. Watch the videos, answer the questions sincerely and you are off to great things in your life.

Here’s to your fulfilling marriage.
Warm regards,
Jacqueline Oludimu

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