Marriage On Purpose

Your Guide to a more Purposeful Marriage!


Words From Author!

This book is God’s gift to you for a truly fulfilling marriage experience! Congratulations

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What EARLY readers are saying

This book thoroughly blessed me!!! I am glad God wrote it through you. Excellent work and simply put. The insights shared are very compelling as it leads you into truths that can change your life and marriage.

Mrs Debola Deji-Kurunmi


several books on marriage and relationships have been written and they have all represented various angles and perspectives… But none has dealt with it the way this material has.
What really stands out for me is the portion of the book that outlays the fact that every marriage is telling a story. Wow. I have never seen it from that angle before now. Thank you Jackie for giving this generation what it needs and for not allowing those voices stop you. Thank you for not waiting to be perfect but truthful. You were simple and sincere enough.

Pastor Ezekiel Atang


I have a witness in my spirit that the book was revealed to you by only God. It is a revelation.

Mrs Opeyemi Medeyinlo


this book has taken me through God’s love like I have never felt before. Get your highlighters ready. You will need to pause, digest and reflect. I cried and laughed while reading this book.

Mrs Yosola Omotade


I am super proud of Jacqueline! The length of time used in writing this book cannot be compared to the heavy content. It is RICH! A book such as this one could only have been inspired by the speed and weight of the Holy Spirit. This is not one of those books you can breeze through. It is so rich that you will need to bite, chew on it from time to time and later go for a refill. The book Marriage on Purpose demystifies marriage the way God designed it and even though it doesn’t tell you exactly how yours should be formed, it gives you a guide and a special cheat sheet. It is a book you will want to keep and pass on to your children.

Mrs Aderonke Abiona

Co-Founder/CTO Nicole and Giovanni


I truly love this book. It is fresh, insightful and direct. I could sense the urgency for marriages on purpose in your language and style of writing. I will be reading this book atleast 2 more times to gain deeper understanding and practice the tips

Mrs Funmi Ayowole

Life and Wellness Coach


Dear singles, This book is God’s preparation for marriage that you must not miss, an opportunity to peep into God’s heart concerning your marriage singles

Coach Vera Alex


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