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Find purpose in everything that happens to you and around you! Nothing happens without God’s knowledge and He allows it either way you look at it. As a child of God, one of the things I have realised is there is always a reason and it may be as simple as to loosen me up and make me ease off or to warn me or prepare me, embrace me with His love, the list is endless as to why God allows things to happen to us but we lose out when we don’t look for the purposes and align.

The other day I was talking to one of the singles at the God’s Prepared Singles Hub whose area had had been flooded. It was so bad that the whole family and neighbourhood had to relocate. She moved  to her friends house for what she thought was going to be a few days not even up to a week but it turned out to be for more than two weeks as at the time I spoke to her again and she had become really sad and almost depressed. It was quite understandable. She ran a home-based catering business. Everyday away from her home meant no business, all orders had to be refused. She had reasons to be unhappy especially for one who was self employed and so had no other source of income. Immediately it hit me to ask her to find purpose in this time, regardless of how ugly, unexplainable and helpless the situation seemed.  

What could she make out this quiet time I asked her? Perhaps you could really enjoy some quiet time listening to God, taking notes from Him, building strategies for your peak periods of business. As a single lady of purpose who is always on the move to church, fellowships, meetings and more, I said to her spend this time having fun. Perhaps it is all a set up to get you to unwind, I asked her. As a coach, I breathe questions, I went further and said, when last did you go to the cinema to watch a movie? She couldn’t remember, I said go! 

Sometimes as purposeful singles, we don’t even give ourselves room to truly be single. Being single is a gift. A lot of times I wish I Could turn back the hands of time, and it’s just for one thing, the abundance of unshared, free me time. Time to be and do all you can.. Time to be as social as you can whilst not saying marriage robs you of this, it definitely becomes shared between spouse, families, children etc.

So what quiet season are you going through?

What season of dryness or unplanned disruption are you going through? What could God be saying about this season to you? What could He have in mind for you to achieve now…. More or less, move or stay still, listen or speak, observe or direct, build or pull down, rest or work, study or meditate…. the list is endless but with God there is always a purpose for everyone, everytime and every season. Find it and maximize it. There in lies true joy and fulfilment.



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