How You Should Feel on Valentine’s Day

You are single, you are 31, you have got no man! The reality of this is that you will feel it, because there is a lot going onon Valentine’s Day. But remember that on the 15th you will be okay. The only thing likely to happen is that you will get to a realisation that “I would like to be loved” and you begin to ask yourself these questions

  • Did I miss it?
  • Did I do something wrong?
However, there are two promises you should hold unto as a single on Valentine’s Day.
  1. The steps of the righteous are ordered
  2. You are righteous because Jesus died for you, not because of something you did right or wrong.

Jesus died, took our sins and gave us righteousness, so no matter what you think you did wrong, you are righteous in Christ Jesus. It is not what you did that made you deserve it, it is who you are.

By the time you get to a place where you know that your life is in God’s hands, and everything you think you have lost in the past, God has already said he will restore those years. In real life, this means that what it would have taken you ten years to get normally, if you wasted those ten years and come back to God, he can give you those things in one year. God has a way of restoring time to you just as Sarah’s womb was dried and she still had Isaac.

As a single, you also need to be prepared for Valentine’s Day, as lack of preparedness will make the day go bad.

In the spirit of preparation, you need to :

  • Shut out the spirit of loneliness and the little lies they whisper.

  • Reduce your social media activity.

  • Go out with your other single friends and enjoy the day.

Valentine is a good day to show yourself how much you love yourself, it must not be a miserable day!

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