How the enemy breaks up healthy marriages


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Marriage is a God-ordained union involving two people who have made a vow to each other, with God and men as witnesses. When you see spouses at loggerheads with each other, inflicting damage on their union while trying to get at each other, it is a sign that a WAR is going on.

Whether the couple is ignorant of the fact that there is a WAR going on or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the enemy is trying to steal their love and destroy their God-ordained union.
Many times, the spouses fall for it. They give into the flesh and let Satan WIN.
They appear convinced that they cannot win by GOD through his way.

Dear couples, have you seen the number of tools aimed at the younger generation? Have you taken the time to study what’s going on in the world today?
While you’re busy being the disunited couple, the malice-keeping spouses, the bitter spouse, and the cheating spouse, the enemy is busy keeping you distracted. This allows him to penetrate your union or drag you out of the picture so that he plants himself in your marriage and assumes control because your covering is no longer present.

Heaven is counting on you and you must win because Christ has given you the victory. His spirit is available to keep you and keep your flesh subdued so that your life and your union can keep the enemy permanently disappointed. God is here to help us all.

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Declare: I will not be enticed by my flesh. I will not live by the flesh. The spirit of God quickens me to live and do right. The spirit of God keeps evil at bay and makes evil unattractive to me.

To the single man who delights in watching pornography, saying “at least, I am not touching anybody” or that young lady who sits in the counsel of side chicks telling herself “I am not one of them, they are just my friends” you are on a slippery slope! These often never end well.
Snatch yourself back up now and set yourself up for success!

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But this was not about GPS, my heart sank when I first saw a particular Facebook post about a couple who were both lawyers and had been married for years. Their union was blessed with three kids. According to the post, the wife saw her husband leaving a certain shopping mall with a female companion in a city in Nigeria. She tried to use her car to block her husband’s car from leaving, but he manoeuvred his vehicle and hit the highway while she gave them a hot chase. She lost control of her vehicle as she tried to block them and had a crash.

Her husband rushed her to the hospital but alas! She was already dead, her husband was overcome with regret as he was begging her lifeless body for forgiveness, asking her lifeless body to come back and take care of their kids – Source: Dr. Emmanuel Utomi via Facebook. I have so much to say but I’ll leave you with this post and ask that you ponder it.

It doesn’t have to be as bad as cheating or infidelity but those little foxes can lead to destruction if they are not gotten rid of now.
Be accountable, seek help and most importantly run into your partner’s embrace.

Don’t underestimate the power of a wrong turn. Get counselling before it gets bad.

Don’t take your spouse for granted. They are God’s gift to you and God is invested in your union. Make sure He gets good dividends.

When you hear me constantly speaking about marriage on purpose, this was a huge part of the revelation I was shown.

The purpose behind your divine union is a threat to Satan. You know this now, kill every flame before it becomes fire. God is counting on your union.

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