Heart Break Recovery

It’s time to get over your Ex and I mean it! I will teach you and help you with skills, mindsets and tools to get over your ex and move on!

I always imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t give myself the chance to heal and move on! What??
Gosh. Imagine the life and love I will be missing now! You better don’t sabotage yourself.

Hey you, Enough of the back and forth, the pain, the hurt, the tears and regrets. It's happened and I know you didn't see it coming or maybe you did and didn't believe it, it has happened and I know it is painful. The shame, the scandal if it was as bad as mine, the waste of time and money but I am ere to help you recover and recover fully!

We do not live in our past, we move past it but you need my guidance and help. Oh You do!

Your ex is your past and I know moving on can be tough but I am here to hold your hand through this 9 Day Recovery Programme and you will so heal. hehehe, you will over heal.

Coming from someone who had to call of a wedding and cancel the wedding date with the church, you bet I experienced pain, shame, hurt and my heart did truly get broken. In fact not once but I overcame, I moved on, found my true love and enjoying my life. I share my story in full details in this programme because it will help you.

It was because of this break up and the journey that I was able to write this self help book which has helped thousands all over the world.

My heart break recover programme is a proven and tested solution for your freedom and emotional independence. You will stop thinking about them, move on and find new love no matter your personal circumstances.
in this programme you will
Have 9 days intensive heart break recovery classes where you will
Acknowledge that your ex is not the right partner for you - stop wasting your life with this break up
Accept that the breakup has happened - find out the pain points of this breakup that is really holding you back
- pull away from your ex consciously
- rediscover yourself
- Move on and get ready for the next God has for you

My heart break recovery programme is right for you IF you…

This programme is probably NOT for you IF you…