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Ever felt unqualified, undeserving, useless or shameful? Ever felt like your current life is a
reward of your terrible past or that you are too far from one God loves or would speak to? Then
Grace Junkie was written for you. Want to know what it means to be forgiven? The blessedness
of a forgiven sinner? Read Grace Junkie!

What people are saying about Grace Junkie...

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Grace Junkie is a therapy on it's own. It reminds me of myself and I see myself in so many lines of the book. I can't thank God enough for the boldness and the courage that He has given you to write it.
One of the chapters that hits me is the one on the power of Names. My deliverance and process of walking from the pain of sexual abuse, of the feeling of no sense of worth started after I changed my name. Thank you for being so real. This book without doubt is going to strengthen so many. It will deliver, heal, encourage, inspire and most importantly give direction to a lot of people.
And your husband, wow! God bless Him!
Ayodeji Megbope
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Thank you for showing us what a life in the hands of God can become irrespective of the past. Just when one would be thinking the past is like karma that will always come back to bite; with God the opposite is the case. The past isn't karma, it is a testament of what the New is and will always be in God- He is intentional. I would like to reiterate what the author said; this book is for everyone; even speaks on something very dear to my heart, the bane in domestic violence and how your self esteem if built won't allow you settle for less.
Omololu Adeola Ogunfeyinmi

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Jacqueline Oludimu, saved and called to build marriages for God’s Kingdom Agenda, is the founder of Happy Ever After Hub, a non-denominational Christian ministry and advocacy platform for godly intentional marriages with a mandate to save future marriages, build joyful homes, reduce divorce rates and domestic violence in our world.

She is the founder of The Saying I DO Academy and convenes the ‘Saying I Do’ conference, an annual teaching conference for married & singles; asides being a relationship mentor to many singles, holding their hands into their destined marriages through the God’s Prepared Singles group, an online grooming room for singles.

A Christian Life Coach and SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) certified pre- marriage facilitator using her ‘Before You Say I Do’ coaching sessions for engaged couples, she guides them through a robust, thorough premarital assessment and helps them build foundations for their lifelong marriage
She responded to the call of God upon her life in 2015 to teach and advocate for Godly, intentional marriages. ‘Marriage on Purpose’ is a message God placed in her mouth to spread across the nations as He allows her.

With Grace Junkie as her third book, she is also the author of ‘Move On – How to Get Over Your Ex’ and Marriage on Purpose, both of which are available on Amazon.

Jacqueline is a speaker and she shares marriage and relationship insights at churches, community events and seminars.

Jacqueline, who currently resides in London, is joyfully married to her gift from God, Tolulope Oludimu, who she fondly calls ‘her testimony’ and they are blessed with and raising two soldiers for Christ.

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