God's Prepared Singles Hub (GPS)

A mentoring hub for singles like you who want a Purposeful Marriage, who are trusting God for His perfect will for them and want to prepare for the marriage of their dreams that will be get heaven's applaud.

Are you tired of heartbreaks? 

Fed up of Dating A, B, C, D only to later realise that J is the one. 

Do you feel tired and wonder when your own marriage will happen? 

Wondering why the wait for the right relationship is so long? 

Do you want to have an interesting single season of impact, shine and success even as you date purposefully and get ready for your divine marriage? 

Then the God’s Prepared Singles hub is for you! At GPS, I as the lead mentor alongside my husband, share wisdom and help singles get it right without tears and loss!  I am one who after a messed up teenage years, university days of dating A, B, C ; single days of dating D only to discover that H is the one God destined for her even after calling off an engagement and cancelling the wedding date, I share all the wisdom I have gathered before and after my 12 years of marriage, vulnerably teaching and holding your hands into your destined union.

Don’t waste another year! Avoid another heartbreak! Avoid another sexually immoral relationship!

Are you ready to join the next batch starting soon?

GPS Hub Pathways & Registration Links

Group Mentoring Pathway

 Get mentored for season 1-5, that is a full year, as you step into or grow your relationship, and step into marriage for N7500 / £9 for ten weeks also known as a Season! That’s N750, less than £1 per week of practical, honest mentoring so you are wiser, journey is shorter for you and you do not make the mistakes I made. 

If you pay upfront, you pay £42 /N35,000 instead of £45/N37,500 for the full year complete GPS mentoring programme from season 1 to 5, giving you access to our lead mentors, for a full year asides all the learning already available!   

Fast Track Mentoring

If you want a one-one mentor and would like to complete the Full GPS mentoring in 20weeks then you need the fast track at  £120  Asides access to myself and my husband, the lead mentors, you will have an assigned mentor for 20weeks!

GPS Flexi-Route Mentoring

If you do not want to be in the group mentoring hub or have an assigned mentor but want access to all the  mentoring videos, register as a flexible single here for £45 You get access to the resources for 1 year.


WHO ??

The GPS hub is for serious minded people
who are ready to be taught
and prepared of the Lord
to fulfill Gods perfect will for their lives.