Easy Ways to Spice up Your Marriage as a Christian Couple



You don’t have to break the bank to show love to your spouse. In fact, you must never get romance out of the way in your union. You must chip it at every opportunity. There’s no specific way to show love to your husband or wife. Even in your everyday activities, you can find time and opportunities to do something special for them.

These are simple pocket-friendly ways you can spice up your marriage:


    1.  Leave a note somewhere where they can find it easily. It can be in the kitchen, the car, their work desk at home etc. As a lady, you can put a note in his suit pocket, office bag or the lunch you’ve packed. It could be a thank you note or a note containing sweet words for your spouse. You can say “thank you for being a faithful man, a responsible man, I love you”, or “I do not regret saying yes to you”. With those gestures, you’ve made their day. Such notes melt their heart and you’ll be surprised how that can change things for you in your home.
    2. You can take your time to write a poem expressing yourself especially if you’re good with words.
    3.  If they have a favourite radio show or TV show where you can do a shout-out. You can do that. You can also get their friends and family to listen.
    4. Help clean up their space. It may be their study, their vehicles or anything!
    5. Take them out for a surprise lunch or dinner date. Show up at the office and take them out. Come home with tickets for an event that you know you’ll both enjoy, it could be a movie, a nice show, a concert or anything.
    6. Help them do tasks or errands they have pending. You can help them run a particular errand that they have not found time to do. This simple gesture shows your thoughtfulness and care for them.
    7. Go with them to an event or activity that you normally wouldn’t go with them to. E.g you can go with your husband to watch a sports game, you can drive your wife to the grocery store and pick her up when she’s done, etc.
    8. Do things for them that they normally would do by themselves. Surprise your spouse by doing something that they normally would not expect you to. As a husband, you can surprise your wife by making her a meal, and you can fill up his gas tank as a lady. We often forget to infuse that moment when the other person feels loved and cherished.
    9. Plan a picnic. You don’t have to go far if you have a garden or a space at the back of your house you can have a park in your neighbourhood. You can use that as a venue for your picnic. If you have kids, you can get a trusted person or relative to babysit while you go out on a picnic with your spouse. This increases intimacy and encourages bonding as a couple.




    1. Bring lunch or dinner to their place of work. If you are able personally bring it that is fine. If not,food delivery services have made it so much easier. Send a meal to your wife’s or husband’s place of work. That gesture can put a smile on their face and make a big dfference in their day. It shows that you are thinking of them.
    2. Surprise them with gifts, it could be anything. You can leave it under their pillow, in their bag, on their desk or in their car where they would easily find it.
    3. Encourage them. This could come in handy if you know that they are going through some challenges maybe at work or other aspects of their life. Share a beautiful bible verse with them as a way of encouraging them.
    4. Send them texts or emails. Never stop texting your spouse. Texting shouldn’t be restricted to sending lists of groceries or for passing on essential bits of information regarding the household. Send romantic texts/emails, use lovely words. Rekindle that spark of romance you had at the beginning of the relationship.
    5.  Buy them their favourite nibbles/snacks. It does not have to be expensive.

Give these a try and notice the difference in your marriage. The little acts of care and thoughtfulness we take for granted really do make all the difference. If you are confused about where to start or you need more tips for spicing up your marriage, you can book a coaching session here.




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