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About Course

This is a course for an intentional single who is tired of doing things in the way of the flesh,  who is  ready to be counselled and held by the hand through this single season.

Your singleness is meant to be enjoyed and not endured and so this season opens you up to how you can enjoy your single life.

The First season ushers you to the unveiling of your real self. You will understand who you really are and who God has called you to be. You will discover what is important to your maker. It also unfolds to you how you should live your life if you truly desire a marriage on purpose. In Season 2, its all about you and the holy spirit. In season 3, you begin to learn about marriage most importantly understanding the true meaning of LOVE and how to love God’s way. In Season 4, it’s going to be all about uncovering purpose and walking in God’s purpose for you. Finally in Season 5, its marriage 101 galore. You begin to learn the fundamentals and deep revelations about marriage.

50+ weeks of intense practical teaching, accountability, and counselling.

Sit tight and get ready to learn, relearn and unlearn because it is time to be that single who is on their way to a marriage on purpose.

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Course Content

Module 1: The Prize

  • Lesson
  • Assignment
  • S1 Week 1

Module 2: Four Types of Singles

Module 3: Who owns you?

Module 4: Wise or Foolish Single

Module 5: Maximising your Season

Module 6: Motives

Module 7: Getting into the Holy Spirit

Module 8: Your Secret to God’s Presence and Power in your life and relationships.

Module 9: You are a Seed

Module 10: A Living Sacrifice

Module 11: Don’t Miss the Banquet!

Module 12: Hearing from God

Module 13: Hearing from God II

Module 14: Hearing from God III

Module 15: Hearing from God IV

Module 16: Hearing from God V

Module 17: Hearing from God VI

Module 18: Hearing from God VII

Module 19: Hearing from God VIII

Module 20: The Strength of your Conviction

Module 21: What is the big deal about marriage?

Module 22: The Best Gift Ever

Module 23: LOVE!

Module 24: The Double U

Module 25: A Story & the Applaud

Module 26: You have a race to run!

Module 27: Consecration

Module 28: The life you need!

Module 29: Love Again

Module 30: What is your S.H.A.P.E?

Module 31: Purpose Uncovered

Module 32: The Relationship between Shape and Purpose

Module 33: The Gift of Singleness

Module 34: The Purpose of My Sexuality

Module 35: Waiting

Module 36: Purpose Chooses

Module 37: Purposeful Dating (1)

Module 38: Purposeful Dating (2)- Marriage Material

Module 39: Dating like Jesus, Red flags and more

Module 40: Purposeful Singlehood= Purposeful Marriage

Module 41: Marriage on Purpose

Module 42: Why you Should Say No to Dating

Module 43: The Needs of a Husband and Wife

Module 44: Vision, discipline, long distance relationship, marriage and more

Module 45: What I wish I was told before I got married (1)

Module 46: What I wish I was told before I got married (2)

Module 47: Dangerous husbands you mustn’t marry or be

Module 48: Dangerous wives you mustn’t marry or be

Module 49: Top Secrets to having bliss marriage

Module 50: Marriage: Before, In-between and After

Module 51: The Purpose of Marriage

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