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About Course

Are you a busy single who cannot commit to 3  – 5 hours every week for 50 weeks?

Are you getting married in 6 months or less and need a course to know if you’re on the right track?

Would you be committed to taking a 50-week course in 20 weeks?

Then this is for you.

•50 weeks compressed into 20 weeks.
•50 mentoring videos.
•Access to a personal mentor every week.
•One-on-one with lead mentor at the end of 20 weeks.
•10% off Before You Say I Do pre-marriage coaching with Jackie.

Please note: It’s not a group coaching but personalized.

Course Content

Module 1 : The Prize

  • Lesson
  • Quiz
  • Assignments

Module 2: Four Types of Singles

Module 3: Who Owns You

Module 4: Wise Or Foolish Single

Module 5: Maximising Your Season

Module 6: Motives

Module 7: Getting into the Holy Spirit

Module 8: Your Secret to God’s Presence and Power in Your Life and Relationships

Module 9: You are a Seed

Module 10: A Living Sacrifice

Module 11 : Don’t Miss The Banquet

Module 12 : Hearing from God I

Module 13: Hearing from God II

Module 14 : Hearing from God III

Module 15 : Hearing From God IV

Module 16 : Hearing From God V

Module 17: Hearing from God VI

Module 18: Hearing from God VII

Module 19: Hearing from God VIII

Module 20: The Strength of your Conviction

Module 21: What’s the Big Deal about Marriage?

Module 22: Best Gift Ever!

Module 23: LOVE!

Module 24: The Double U

Module 25: A Story & The Applaud

Module 26: You have a race to run!

Module 27: Consecration

Module 28: The life you need!

Module 29: Love Again

Module 30: What’s your S.H.A.P.E?

Module 31: Purpose Uncovered

Module 32: The Relationship between Shape and Purpose

Module 33: The Gift of Singleness

Module 34: The Purpose of My Sexuality

Module 35: Waiting

Module 36: Purpose Chooses

Module 37: Purposeful Dating Part 1

Module 38: Purposeful Dating Part 2: Marriage Material

Module 39: Dating like Jesus, Red flags and more

Module 40: Purposeful Singlehood= Purposeful Marriage

Module 41: Marriage on Purpose

Module 42: Why you should say NO to Dating

Module 43: The Needs of a Husband and Wife

Module 44: Vision, discipline, long distance relationship, marriage and more

Module 45: What I wish I was told before I got married (1)

Module 46: What I wish I was told before I got married (2)

Module 47: Dangerous Husbands you mustn’t marry or be

Module 48: Dangerous Wives you mustn’t marry or be

Module 49: Top secrets to having Bliss in marriage

Module 50: Marriage, In-between and After

Module 51: The Purpose of Marriage

Bonus Video Resources

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