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God’s Prepared Singles S2

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About Course

GPS Season 2 is a season of deeper. Going deeper into the holy spirit. It is a holy ghost festival.

This season is for intentional singles who desire to go deeper in their walk with the holy spirit.

This season will teach you more about the holy spirit.

You will learn to hear the holy spirit for yourself and walk with him more intimately.

10 weeks of intense practical teaching, accountability, and counselling.

It is time to be that single who is on their way to a marriage on purpose.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn the ingredient to succeed in your marriage on purpose.
  • You will learn how to hear God.
  • You will learn how to be led by the holy spirit.

Course Content

Week 1 : Don’t Miss The Banquet!

  • Lesson
  • Assignments
  • S2 Week 1

Week 2 : Hearing from God I

Week 3 : Hearing from God II

Week 4 : Hearing from God III

Week 5 : Hearing from God IV

Week 6 : Hearing from God V

Week 7: Hearing from God VI

Week 8: Hearing from God VII

Week 9: Hearing from God VIII

Week 10: The Strength of your Conviction

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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9 Ratings
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3 weeks ago
Thank you, thank you.... it has being eye opening for me and life changing, like a reset God bless you.
I encourage anyone that desires a marriage filled with joy peace and within God's will.... to take the full course.
2 months ago
Each week's content has been nothing short of great insight, inspiring and filled with understanding God's plan for my life and my marriage. It's been a wonderful journey that I am glad to be going through. It is truly worth it.

Just starting season 2 and I'm prepared to go all out extracting all the juices in the season and the ones to comes.
2 months ago
This course will transform your life. Season 2 is a demonstration of God's grace and a testament to Jer 29:11, that God has plans of good for his children. Filled with deep insights and practical guidance on how to hear and follow the spirit of God, it is life changing!
2 months ago
What a wonderful season and it came at the right time for me, I've been finding ways to go deeper with the lord and this season made it possible for me to accomplish my goal. I am always grateful to God for making me be a part of this fellowship because it opens my inner eye and understanding of how God sees me and how I should see him! Thank you mama for your words of wisdom and my able leaders for your support and encouragement, you rock! I can't wait for season 3...yaay!!
2 months ago
Currently in week 3 and all lessons have been a major hit back to back! Hearing from God is an essential ingredient in doing life. Actually, it is the only ingredient in doing life purposefully!! I can't wait to delve even deeper and take my relationship to a whole new level!!! Thank you mama!!

I’m finally done and wow!!!! Deeper indeed. My relationship with God keeps blossoming and I’m able to hear God. It’s so beautiful 🥹
It has been a growing moments and I'm better than I started, with so much enlightenment.
1 year ago
GPS is God's given assignment.
Each and every lesson has a way of making me want to learn and know more.
In the last week for this season, clarity was let lose as touching what mg specific purpose is. God be praised. Gloorrrrrryyyyyy!
Thanks for obeying God ma.
4 years ago
This was my first time taking an online course.
The content is excellent, and the instructors are also excellent.
How much you learn from this course is pretty much what you put into it.
4 years ago
Thank you! I enjoyed your course and humor.
Please keep working on making great stuff to share and help more people.
Look forward to more additional features to this project near future.

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