Marriage On Purpose Prayer Summit

There is more to your union and it is time to uncover that more.

For everyday that you carry on in your marriage without a knowledge and experience of the higher purpose of your union, the happier the enemy is.

It is time to get into formation. There is more and your union must tell the story heaven has written about it.

Heaven is recruiting and the specifications are:

Married or About to be?

Know the Lord Jesus or want to?

Want a lasting, joyful and purpose driven marriage?

Have an Ok Marriage or even better?

You know there is more to being married?

You and your Spouse want to do more with your union?

You are interested in Heaven’s Applause?

Do you have a Yes for all or most of the above?

Then you are a qualified candidate and heaven wants your union.

Your starting Point is being a full part of the of the 2 Day Online Prayer and Fasting Summit for Couples.

The Lord wants to usher you and your spouse into his purpose for your union during these 2 days. It is time to start playing out the script heaven has for your union. It is time to align and fulfil purpose.

Abraham and Sarah; Mary and Joseph; Aquila and Priscilla are couples heaven used to tell a story. It is time for yours. Join us on the 18th and 19th of November 2020. 

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