Better Marriage

Tired of the fights, the arguments, the unhappy and unfulfilling feeling, the just living together kind of feeling you get in your marriage

You want a better marriage experience right?

Who is it for?

This course is for every marriage out there that can be better than it is now; every couple who needs to enjoy not endure their marriage or spouse, to thrive not strive, to have a pleasurable and fulfilling marriage experience, exchanging fights, pain, sadness and dissatisfaction for more laughter, peace and progress.

Which Is Your Case

'We will be ok'

“We are trusting God for better days”

“Believing God for better”

“I am taking care of myself, I can’t kill myself”

“I am tired, sincerely”

If any of the answers above is truly your answer when asked about your marriage, then this course is for you. You have what you need.



This is not the decade of carrying your marriage as a burden in your heart

It is not the decade for off and on emotions, for lukewarm kind of marriages. Definitely not!

It is the decade to enjoy your marriage and fulfil God’s purpose for bringing you two together.
This is why you need my
6 module improvement course to change your marriage experiences from bad to better or from good to better.
It is time for an enjoyable and fulfilling marriage to start your journey to a marriage on purpose.

Coming from someone who has had to ensure that she experiences better in her marriage and not relenting in seeing that happening day by day along with my husband, we enjoy a mutual fun, joyous and peaceful marriage experience.

You deserve it too and even more, it is what is on the table for you, yes a better marriage experience, daily, monthly , yearly and now you must get it…enough of managing and getting by in your marriage.

See what some clients have said about me and my work with them for their better marriage below

Mrs S Ajayi, Lagos

God used Jackie to keep me in my marriage and things have improved greatly!

You are God sent Jackie. I remember years back when I called you that morning at work. I was at wits end and was at the verge of walking out of my marriage. I needed someone to talk to. I was tired of my marriage and because of differences ranging from no finances at all, we had 3 children to cater for and so much more between my husband and I, I had developed hatred for him. Our sex life was ZERO. I didn’t want him anywhere around me. 
I called Jackie that day and I expected that she would tell me to walk away. To pack and go leave. Lo and behold, Jackie was telling me to hang on. She told me that marriage is not a bed of roses and that my marriage would be whatever I make of it. I cried so much that day Jackie.  Many years down the lane now, I am glad God used you not only to keep me in that marriage, I am happy that things have improved greatly. Needless to say our sex life has improved. My husband actually loves sex!. Every other thing is in good shape because my husband and I have joined our hands together and agree together to take decisions which is really the bedrock of any successful marriage. I am thankful that things have changed a lot for good and I may not be where I want to be, I know that things will eventually fall in pleasant placed for us because we agree on everything and take decisions together.
God bless you for always Jackie. I pray your own marriage too flourishes just like you always thrive to give Godly advice to couples and intending couples to make sure that by all means, their marriages work!

Mrs A Ogbeni,  Lagos

Jackie showed me that marriage can be enjoyable and beautiful!

I have known Jackie for a while and have read other people’s testimonies but never paid much attention, until my marriage started having serious issues. I was scrolling through her page on Instagram and read a piece she posted and it really touched my heart and I reached out to her she listened patiently and explained things I would not have thought of step by step guide which I followed because I was in need of real help. I am extremely glad to say it worked!!! And I have never looked back. Over and over again I rather seek her counsel than tell any one else.  God has used Jackie to gradually make me see and understand the true meaning of marriage on purpose. Through the word of God she has shown me over and over again that, this thing called marriage can be beautiful and enjoyable if we follow will of God for us. I have peace at home and am gradually seeing a turn around not only in my hubby but in my life too. I praise God for leading me to her.

You can bet that this course has all the wisdom you need to have what you want sooooo bad. Yes, I once had a very brief point in my marriage where I had either one choice to make out of two, which way Jackie & Tolu – better or worse? I chose the better path and together with my husband, we walked that path and are still walking it!

Now it is your turn to do same thing because marriage is a better than miracle from God, it is your job to activate it and this course will do just that for you

At the end of this course you will both


Understand why your marriage is important in the scheme of things


Learn the 5 golden laws of marriage and begin to fulfil them immediately and watch how your better marriage will unfold


Realise why settling for just being ok or being in a lukewarm marriage is you settling for less and cheating yourself, those with happy homes don’t have two heads.


Know why you must treat your marriage seriously


Understand why your marriage is important in the scheme of things


Set your better marriage goals and begin to work them out


Be armed with how to do better in 10 core areas of your marriage with immediate results if you run with them

Set your better marriage goals and begin to work them out Be armed with how to do better in 10 core areas of your marriage with immediate results if you run with them

This course is for you if you

Are sick and tired of how your marriage switches from bad to good and good to bad

are tired of living in your home like colleagues

know your marriage can be a lot better than it is

are sure this cannot be the experience God planned for you

want more joy and friendship, a better marriage experience than what you have.

This course is not for you if

you are in a worse marriage scenario with any form of abuse involved

you have both decided to part ways

You are already separated, I recommend my Marriage restoration Course for you and your spouse

Better Marriage