Couples Day Retreat UK

Couples Day Retreat UK

We can't wait to welcome you to a Couples Day of reflection, rejuvenation, revelation and renewal of love on Saturday, November 4 2023 in London!

You’d leave this retreat

  • equipped for a new year of a purposeful union
  • enjoy a union filled with bliss;
  • a strengthened bond,
  • more spousal awareness, and
  • purified love!

It's a packed day strictly for couples - here's a sneak peek:

•3 Course Meal        •Couple Assessment •Personalised 2024 Family Vision

• Revelation Power •Refreshing fun activities • Intimate moments • Prophetic Positioning •Networking

Come, sit, relax, dine, away from home and ascertain where you are and how to get to your next desired season as a couple with a lot of fun and light!

Your union deserves this full-day renewal and recreation!

Call it your marital Continuous Professional Development (CPD), this retreat will not just be refreshing after almost a year but it will position you to have a far better 2024 as a family. You need it!

Come renew your commitment to the growth that’s destined for you in the year ahead.

Tolu & I, look forward to all this day will bring to us all.


(No childcare available this year)