2 Great Lessons from Mike Ross & Rachel Zane

The national series, Suits, provides two great lessons from Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, two main characters in the drama series. And if you haven’t heard of Suits, you should watch it. My hubby got me addicted and I love it. It’s highly tactical and leaves you cracking your head about stuff. It is not your regular American series. Suits is an American legal drama television series created and written by Aaron Korsh.
Personally, I watch movies to learn lessons from them and Suits, comes with a lot of lessons for those who pay attention. As far as I’m concerned they practice a very dirty legal system there but one major lesson that is evident in every season is,
“Be careful what you do today, it may come back to haunt you tomorrow.”
In Season Two, Mike and Rachel exchanged flirtations in the office and it seemed that Rachel’s feelings for Mike got intense just when she met his new girlfriend. Somehow, they started dating and then she discovered Mike was a lie. He was a complete lie. He was not who he claimed to be. She was angry and slapped him when he confirmed but just before she could walk out on him, he grabbed her and they had sex in the filing room. They continue with their relationship.
Sex whilst dating is the best way to lose your rational being.
Smart Singles know that sex whilst dating is a dating trap.
A quick dash to season five, just when Mike decides to stop living a lie and face his reality of being a high school drop-out, a cheat, a fake attorney and blackmailer he is arrested by the U.S. You can bet these are serious offences except being a high school drop out on the other hand Rachel, is a paralegal, part-time associate and Juris Doctor Candidate at Columbia Law School whose father runs one of the top Law firms in America as well.

I wish i could tell the whole story here but permit me to switch to the crux of the matter which is that Smart singles know that no matter how fantastic and romantic a proposal is, the man making the proposal is what you should be considering.
Thus even in the moment of surprise and all, the public display of affection and all that comes with it, What should ring in your head as you behold the beautiful diamond or gold ring is, ‘Am I sure I am willing to go all the way with this guy?’ Knowing that all the way in marriage truly means all the way.

When a man proposes marriage to a lady, he is saying ‘I am willing to be a part of your past, present and future’ and there is nothing wrong with that because he is the initiator and 90% of men must have taken their time to think it through before making such a proposal. The question is, does the lady who is about to say yes, interpret that marriage proposal as “ Are you willing to be a part of my past, my present, future and all that comes with them?’
Will you Marry Me Means- Would you like to be a part of my past, present and future?

This is the question that every single lady must hear when a marriage proposal is made to her.
You can only answer this question when you know his past, present and future. Knowing your partner’s future is as simple as knowing their life goals, purpose and big picture of himself in all areas possible. Then you can decide if it sounds like something you fit into or can fit into.
So again I ask you, it has been a very good dating experience, I know; You are getting to the point of long term commitment but how much do you know?

Asking someone to marry you means No More Surprises or Secrets!

Saying Yes or No to a marriage proposal is okay when you know the person’s past, present and furure.
Rachel Zane’s life is crumbling down at her feet because she loves Mike Ross. Her studies at Columbia is threatened. Her dream of being an attorney who is more successful than her dad is about to be shattered. Her relationship with her father and mother is at stake. Her father’s reputation and legal career is being dragged into this mud of being a soon-to-be father-in-law to a fake attorney who has been writing LSAT exams for many law students.
Now Mike is faced with telling more lies and digging up more dirt to exonerate himself or he faces some serious jail term and more.

This is the dilemma in which Rachel has found herself but then again, someone else will read this and say, she is showing true love and all that.

My point today to my dear singles out there, know what you are saying Yes to whether as a man or a woman. No secrets and no surprises. Are you caught up in an engagement trap, remember, a broken engagement is far better than a broken marriage?

Think about it. Send me questions here

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